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TITULO: Understanding poverty in Trinidad and Tobago: a review of the literature

AÑO: 2007
ETIQUETAS: Trinidad and Tobago, poverty, literature on poverty

This background paper on poverty was requested by the Diálogo Regional Sobre la Sociedad de la Información (The Regional Dialogue on the Information Society) - DIRSI in order to inform some of their planned studies in Trinidad and Tobago. It provides documentation on poverty and what is required in order to understand the social problem of poverty. Key sources of literature on poverty that relate to Trinidad and Tobago are identified for the reader.

Concepts of poverty are defined for the reader and a historical picture of poverty in Trinidad and Tobago is provided via references to international and local poverty assessments and studies. Methods used for measuring poverty including the use of proxies for identifying poor communities defined. The socio-cultural components of poverty are briefly outlined and the study closes with comments on the social safety net and recent developments for reducing poverty in keeping with the government’s policy of Vision 2020.

This guide contains many references and direct quotations. This style, though not a conventional one, has been deliberately used so that the reader can easily access the source document and select references as may be necessary. In this way the working paper can achieve its original goal of assisting the uninitiated to the study of poverty to navigate the existing maze of literature on poverty and the Caribbean from a social science perspective.