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TITULO: Sociocultural Barriers to E-Government: An Analysis from a Poverty Perspective

AÑO: 2007
ETIQUETAS: e-gobierno, Chile, e-government, sociocultural barriers

DESCARGAR: Salamanca_ENG.pdf

To date, e-government studies have focused on the capacity of governments to implement information systems and networks, web sites and portals. Few studies have researched egovernment from the perspective of citizens, much less lower-income users. In response to this need, this study analyzes the sociocultural barriers that prevent excluded populations in Chile from accessing online information and performing online transactions.

The results of this research will be presented together with recommendations and public policy proposals for e-Government implementation strategies in Chile. It is hoped that these findings also will be useful to other governments that wish to include the demand of excluded populations in their analyses of policies and programs designed to bring their countries into the information society.