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TITULO: Patterns of access and analysis of spending on cellular mobile telephone service in Colombia, 2001-2006

AÑO: 2007
ETIQUETAS: mobile telephone service, access, mobile telephony penetration, Colombia


Access to cellular mobile telephone service (CMTS) has expanded in recent years among Colombian households. This increase has been registered especially in low-income households, after the initial expansion that occurred in the main regions of the country in the late 1980s. The current level of mobile telephony penetration in the Colombian population is about 75 percent. Spending patterns show that telephony is a luxury good, since its income elasticity is greater than one. In lower-income regions, the coefficient is even higher, showing that the higher socioeconomic level, the greater the importance of telephony in general. Regulatory measures have stimulated access to this service for the poorest Colombians and have established guidelines for the sector's development.