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TITULO: Mobile Use/Adoption by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean

AÑO: 2007
ETIQUETAS: mobile adoption, mobile usage, micro enterprises, small enterprises, medium enterprises

It is argued that the diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies (hereafter ICTs) is changing the way companies compete, their business models, and their value-adding processes. New opportunities are arising, affecting the creation of new firms and affecting business processes which rely even more on information and knowledge. These evolving processes are due to ICTs capability to transfer, to collect and to manage great amounts of information and to reduce space and time barriers. Hence, firms seek to reduce transaction costs of information-intensive activities by resorting to modern ICTs, such as, to name a few, fixed and mobile telecommunications, Internet, Ecommerce, Electronic Data Interchange-EDI, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems-ERP and so forth. These opportunities may specially favor – at differing levels and scale – micro, small and medium-size enterprises (hereafter MSMEs) that in many cases operate in a dense network of inter-firm relationships and, consequently, manage a great amount of information.