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TITULO: Information and communication technologies, social capital, and economic well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean

AÑO: 2008
ETIQUETAS: social capital, economic well-being, Argentina, impact of the mobile telephony, households

This study analyzes the impact of the new information and communication technologies (ICTs) on inequality and social well-being. Unlike many previous studies, this one works on the following assumptions: a) from a macroeconomic point of view, the impact of the use of mobile telephony and Internet on inequality and well-being is mediated by the effect of the community social capital possessed by the population of the main countries of Latin America and the Caribbean; and b) from a macroeconomic point of view—focusing on the case of Argentina—, the differential impact of the new ICTs on the level of current well-being of the heads of Argentinian households depends on the use made of strong and weak social ties.