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TITULO: Discrimination in online contracting: Evidence from Latin America

AÑO: 2015
ETIQUETAS: América Latina, uso de TIC

This document analyzes transactional data in Nubelo, a large online labor platform serving the Spanish-speaking markets. The results indicate that employers favor domestic contractors. In most conservative estimate, foreing workers are 15% less likely  to obtain contracts in Nubelo compared to domestic workers. Yet this discrimination appears to be statistical rather than taste-based, as it decreases when more information about workers' quality becomes available to employers. Further, contrary to some of the findings in traditional labor markets, the authors do not find evidence of discrimination against women in online hiring. In fact, women have small advantage, particularly among female employers. However authors do observe that women are less likely to submit bids tend to ask for lower wages, particularly when bargaining with male employers. Findings shed light on how differentials in traditional labor markets play out in online labor environments.