Industry Leaders Convene in Colombia to Discuss Digital Inclusion in Latin America

June 22, 2017
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Industry Leaders Convene in Colombia to Discuss Digital Inclusion in Latin America

XI CPR LATAM Conference brings together researchers, policymakers and private sector leaders to
examine information and communication technologies (ICT) policies and practices in the region

Cartagena de Indias - More than 150 telecommunications experts from around the world gathered in Cartagena to discuss the impact of new technologies and ICT policies on socio-economic development in Latin America at the XI Communications Policy Research Conference Latin America (CPR LATAM).

Going on its 11th year, the annual CPR LATAM Conference promotes the exchange best practices and ideas aroung ICT policy in Latin America, examines specifics cases of public-private partnership for digital inclusion, and educates key stakeholders about the importances of investing in the modernization of ICT networks for sustainable development of the region.

"CPR LATAM has been key for building bridges among academy, industry and government of Latin America's Region and also essential for spreading the word of the Latin America thought focused on ICT policy and regulation", said Marcio Irorio Aranha, Chair of the XI Conference.

Top officials form government and regulatory institutions, including Anatel Brazil, Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones of Colombia, and Instituto Federal de Comunicaciones of Mexico, participated in the event and discussed key issues facing the development of the digital ecosystem in their countries.

Among the main issues addressed in the agenda were digital access and internet democracy, the impact of ICT adoption and small medium enterprise growth, spectrum management, digital ecosystems, and telecommunications policy reform.

"When we lokk across the globe, and we look at internet use, adoption and benefits... havin a fact-based convesation will move the needle", said Robert Pepper, VP of Global Connectivity and Technology Policy at Facebook, who was the keynote speaker at the event.

New developments in digital thecnologies are impacting the socioeconomic development of Latin America countries. Companies face the challenge of fostering digital innovation while catering to comsumer needs, and government faces challenges in designing and implementing effective democratic policies for public benefits and adaption to digital technologies. This emergence of digital markets requires stakeholders to respond adequately using their knowledge and capacities of evidence-based initiatives.

CPR LATAM promotes knowledge exchange among scholars and practitioners working in Latina America. The event was organized in partnership with the 5th Latin America Congress for Telecommunications (CLT), an annual event that fosters exchange between relevant industry stakeholders to promote ICT development in Latin America.


CPR LATAM is a cross-disciplinary academic network of research centers which seeks to advance
knowledge on the social, economic and political impact of Information and Communication Technologies
(ICT) in the Americas. It fosters research and dialogue among researchers and policymakers who examine 
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