ICTs in Latin America and the Caribbean: Stylized Facts, Programs and Policies

As a product of the Knowledge Sharing Forum on Development Experiences: Comparative Experiences of Korea and Latin America and the Caribbean, Juan M. Gallego and Luis H. Gutiérrez present the Discussion Paper "ICTs in Latin America and the Caribbean: Stylized Facts, Programs and Policies".

The report analises the state of adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs) by firms in Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) countries finding a gap between large and small and micro enterprises lag way behind which is exacerbated by short levels of broadband connectivity. It states that successsful public initiatives requires a competitive environment for internet and telecom service providers as well strong participation of the private sector and public-private partnerships. It also reports that well-designed ICT policies had positive impact on firm innovation and productivity. It observes a large heterogeneity in the LAC region with respect to the software and hardware industries.

More information on the research project here (in Spanish).